Ciao friends!
 I'm Lauretta
(aka. Laura)...

Photography can help freeze a moment in time, bringing back all the sensations of a memory lost in time.
Life can change in the blink of an eye. It teaches us the value of preserving memories of what is truly important: the love and passion we hold for our significant others, families, friends, products we create, and the world around us.

An Adventurous Spirit with a Camera in Hand

I specialize in storytelling images for your time capsule.
Based in Washington, DC and Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Available for travel worldwide.

Impermanence is inescapable. Everything vanishes. this is where photography steps in...

It was here that I was introduced to the true beauty of existence and capturing the essence of every passing moment. With ample time to leisurely stroll the piazzas and people-watch, capture the sunset and use all five senses to fully experience my surroundings, I fell in love with life behind the lens of my first digital camera. 

Through the last decade of my travels across Europe, Asia (Southeast and South Asia), and North Africa, I have been captivated by the stories one can tell through each click of the shutter. 

I bring these inspirations into my professional work, where I am fortunate to connect with clients (turned friends) from diverse backgrounds. Valuing the dignity of each human person, I am an Advocate for inclusivity across all photography industries. You as an individual are unique and special -- and your story deserves to be celebrated.

Currently, these things give me life (in no particular order): yoga, colors, tattoos, world travel, Maximalist design, my mischievous kitties Gioia & Leo, matcha oat milk lattes, and aperol spritz. What else brings me balance in life? Frequenting my favorite coffee shops, hiking in the great outdoors, and meditating on the beach.  

My heart resonates with the idea that the sky's the limit and creativity is the ultimate ingredient! If you are a like-minded adventurer who is ready to invest in storytelling images for your time capsule, please get in touch!

It all started two decades ago in Orvieto, Italy during my semester abroad... 

Laurentina Photography exists to celebrate your uniqueness and document life’s fleeting moments. Our core values remind us that we are one human family and that our lives have deep, intrinsic value.

You want amazing storytelling images that give you "all the feels" when you look back on them


You hold photography as an art form -- trusting the artist to do "her" thing and go with the flow


You want a fun, laid-back, creative, and stress-free session.


You value authentic, raw connection over perfection. 


We are the perfect match for each other if these are also your core values...

(in your own skin)

your photography experience should make you feel




(in your power)

(as a human being)

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